This is a sample of the types of organisations for which we have carried out recruitment assignments;

Information Technology, Telecommunications & E-commerce

Legal, Property & Professional Services
Legal positions in UK and International Law Firms and Corporate Legal Departments; Property posts with Professional Practices, Developers, Property Managers, Property Owners and Service Companies. 

Retail Food, Fashion and Home Improvement, for posts in Operations, Buying and Merchandising.
Leisure Entertainment & Leisure Management
Hospitality Restaurant Groups, multi-site Catering, Fast Food & Hotels

NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and Central Agencies 

Financial Services
Insurance, Broking, Banking and other Financial Organisations

Durables, Packaged products, Volume Consumables, Brands and Private Label, particularly Food and Drink.

Defence & Electronics
Operations, Technology, Support, Procurement and General Management

Business Equipment
Manufacturing Operations, Sales, Service and Support, Product Development and Procurement 

Multi- Site Services, Facilities Management and Consultancy

Pharmaceutical & Health Care & Life Sciences
Commercial & Research

Publishing & Media
Event Management and Exhibitions Companies, New Media and Public Relations

Manufacturing, Engineering & Utilities
A wide range including Food and Drink, Paper, Aerospace, Plastics, Packaging, Construction, Product Development, Supply Chain and Procurement.

Charities, Housing Associations, Education, Arts