Taking the Guess Work out of Recruitment

Our recruitment channels fall into four flexible categories; Search, Advertised Campaigns, Database Search and Web Based. We use a combination of innovative approaches to extend our reach beyond the obvious candidate pool, so ensuring value and often outperforming our competitors in the eyes of hiring companies. Employing comprehensive research allows clients to benefit from individuals that not only match their criteria but, at a time where agencies share the same database via on-line services, many are exclusive to Lucid only.

Database Search

We have an extensive database of active candidates, which are immediately accessed when receiving your requirements. This normally provides the first tier of our response, and will often result in the identification of a range of candidates, meeting your requirements. The process is then further analysed to ensure the candidates are matched within the skill sets required. 

On-Line Solutions

Lucid also utilise an assortment of on-line candidate search engines (including sites specific to particular industries) in order for database extraction, interactivity and ease of delivery. We believe the key is to use these to complement our traditional recruitment methods. With the right understanding of each these on-line sites, an extremely effective and proactive campaign can be created allowing for a fast, efficient and cost effective way of finding the right people. 

Executive Search 

Lucid has long standing experience of conducting Executive Search for senior, specialist and confidential positions across a wide range of business functions and sectors. It is particularly effective in attracting sought after individuals who are not actively considering a career move. The process entails a briefing to determine client requirements, the preparation of a candidate specification, research to identify sources and suitable candidates, the fine tuning of search through consultation with the client about targeting organisations and people, discussions with candidates to create a short-list, the submission of comprehensive assessments of candidate suitability and career profiles, advising on remuneration and negotiation with candidates and the checking of their background and reputation. 

Advertised Selection

Advertising is an efficient way of attracting a wide range of applicants and at the same time raising a brand image. Following an initial meeting, we will compile a job brief and agree the most appropriate media for the target candidate pool. We prepare and place advertisements, encompassing values, systems and policies. We then screen and interview and present a short-list.